Why Ibn Rushd?

Ibn Rushd (1126-1198) or “Averroes” in Latin was a renowned Muslim philosopher who lived in Andalusia (current-day Spain). Throughout his life, his critics often accused him of being an “infidel” for trying to approach religious ideas through a philosophical framework. Nevertheless, Ibn Rushd’s writings influenced other thinkers throughout the Islamic world and Europe for centuries.  

Ibn Rushd Media LLC is adopting Ibn Rushd’s name to carry forward his legacy of independent thinking  throughout Western societies and the broader Muslim world.        

HerRight2Marry is about to be launched:

“Love has no boundaries and women have equal rights to men to choose who they want to marry.”

This is the core message of a series of short films being produced by Ibn Rushd Media LLC. This film series centers on the theologically-grounded argument that Muslim women have equal rights to Muslim men to marry outside the faith–a view currently not held by the majority of Muslim scholars.


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